ARK Building Solutions can now deliver unprecedented customer service by granting you, our client, direct access to your project from concept to completion.

  • Using you own unique login we will supply you can access directly from our website.

  • Allow you to track progress on the build by viewing your project schedule.

  • You can even upload photos or just view ones we incorporate into our daily logs.

  • With transparency as our hallmARK value we allow our clients full access to all aspects of their projects.



At ARK Building Solutions it is our goal to eliminate any "surprises" as is possible. By providing clients the ability to make material, product or finish selections online you can be assured that no schedule overruns or unexpected price increases will occur

  • ARK's Client Portal reduces errors due to miscommunication

  • Clients can confirm pricing on products they are selecting and are always aware of the project's running total

  • Sign off on selections electronically; reducing time loss and making the client's life just a little bit easier

  • Clients can obtain product warranty
    information in one spot




At ARK Building Solutions it is our goal to set the benchmark for customer service in the construction and building industry. What better way to accomplish this but by hearing from those who know best, our treasured clients. At the completion of your project you will have the option to complete a survey regarding your experience with ARK Building Solutions. While we understand it is all but impossible for any project to not experience some manner of issue, we believe it is the manner in which you resolve that issue that will keep our clients calling us for all their construction needs.



Communication is key to any business relationship but when it comes to collaborative design and construction it is paramount. Your client portal promotes consistent

communication and clarification essential to any successful project, large or small.

  • All your messages, comments, emails and job-specific information will be automatically organized into one place.

  • Use your existing email account

  • Receive push notifications from your phone

  • Keep messages organized in one place