ARK Building Solutions 

is an experienced, professional contractor specializing in

Environmentally, Socially and Fiscally Responsible

building solutions

Engineered to Inspire, Elevate and Enhance

the lives of all who Live, Work or Play

in the Spaces, we are blessed to create for

every client we Gratefully serve. 


Anthony, Ryan and Kody Shipp (ARK) a father-sons trio, founded ARK Building Solutions LLC in late 2019. ARK Building Solutions is one of the best contractors in the area, we have earned that title by creating affordable solutions, with the highest level of professional craftsmanship. ARK Building Solutions is making custom built environments accessible to all. With intensive collaboration and unwavering dedication to our clients ARK Building Solutions offers the most comprehensive array of construction services in Bureau county and surrounding areas. 


We fully intend to integrate our

core values of trust, transparency and collaboration to create a better comunity for our children to live, work and enjoy the benefits wrought from hard work and a commitment to honest and fair practices by contractors who actually work to build a community up rather than to build themselves an escape from it.