Isolation Inspiration

3D-Design Rendering Giveaway

Start Designing your Dream Project with ARK Building Solutions 

Without even Leaving you Couch or even Getting Dressed 

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Is being stuck at home making you realize you don't feel quite, "at home", as much as you thought you did? 
Maybe it's time you finally created that well-deserved 
place to escape, to unwind.
A well-designed space ought not be liveable,
but loveable.
Perhaps you’re looking forward to amazing your guests or even rewarding your customers?
Once we can all socialize again, whether at home with close friends, or re-opening your business back open to the public; 
wouldn't we rather look back and measure these troubling times by what we've gained, rather than by what we've lost?
Dining Room and Kitchen Interior
Toy Shop
Office Supply Room
Kids Testing your Patience???
Are you even a little bored??
Perhaps you’d like a child’s playroom, a “hangout” for your teen, or just space the whole family can enjoy.
(Maybe even a space just for yourself!)
Let ARK Building Solutions help you explore all your opportunities!
Whichever room you choose to design, let ARK Building Solutions show you EXACTLY what it would look like! If you already have a general idea and just need help to visualize it, even if you don’t know where to begin – no worries! Our in-house designer, Benjamin Fisher, will help guide you through the design process remotely, yet still collaboratively, so you can finally visualize your new space in 3D!

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