Have a project delayed, postponed or even abandoned due to an infeasible budget?  Let ARK's experienced, inventive and dedicated management team take another look. While most contractors view value engineering as simply an estimating tool to cut upfront costs, at ARK we understand proper value engineering is best applied when both initial and operating costs can be minimized without sacrificing, or even enhancing, the overall performance of the building's program and function. Our commitment to thoughtful and creative value engineering implementations throughout the entire construction process have brought several project from the trash heap and into the ground and up in the air realizing dreams that had yet been left unfulfilled.


Wherein most company's owner and directors employee project managers and superintendents to oversee and coordinate projects, our Owners ARE the superintendents. Furthermore, with the integration of our trademark project management software we have all but eliminated the need for an office manager and have streamlined the project management process by all but eliminating the typical time delays incurred through change order approvals, material selections and unnecessary paperwork. By minimizing the bulk of most contractor's overhead ARK Building Solutions can pass those savings directly to our customers.


ARK's in-house design team is dedicated to bringing sophisticated, creative and customer-focused design services accessible to clients of almost any budget range. At a fraction of the cost of our competitors ARK's design team is capable of bringing nearly any dream you have from concept to reality by approaching each project with your goals, values and budget at the forefront of our objective.  Both the Illinois and Sauk Valley markets have been devoid of both residential and commercial new construction for many years, and as the current building inventory continues to diminish consider building something you love before buying something you can simply learn to accept.